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More Than just Coatings ...DECK REPAIRS,DRIVEWAY OVERLAYS...

 concrete pools & decking repair

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is your space at one with nature? let us help.


 Crowns  are  a natural to bring out that ceiling line . Perfect lines makes your room quite captivating with the right selection of  natural colors. Then imagine  a 

Floor with epoxy coves adding a crown like feature

Do you know your Flooring integrates your home. Is your home or business floor in harmony with  your every day wear and tear ? Why not Custom High Performance Epoxy & Urethane floors ....


The  heart  of your home says a lot about you. If you want yours to say something as unique as you are, we can share  some expressive  ideas  with you


Aplus  SuperCoatings can do more than simply coating systems. They create a complete  package that works with your architecture's surrounding  beauty. This takes not only a keen eye for visual detail, but also an expansive knowledge after  many years  of Epoxy  and Urethane  techniques  in the construction industry


 You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's redoing your home interior, front driveway,custom  garage,, ,pool deck ,sundeck, basement , mancave,  or even  an Industrial Complex, or Shopping Center


At A PLUS  SUPERCOATINGS, we treat what we do as a form of high art: it's beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive.

We can think of little that's more relaxing  then a swim,and soaking up the sun in a pool. We have the products to help you relax in that safe and sound environment ...

Epoxy Coatings in Kamloops

imperfection is all around us,
Craft yours beautifully